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'Love is a Satire'

Love is a Satire: To All The Girls I Loved Before

Chapter one: Introductions

My love life has been frustrating, from forever being in friend-zones to not dating anyone ever or being kissed, and I have had enough of it – I can't get anywhere in love, that is why 'Love is a Satire', as in this essay I will explore what I am doing wrong, what is wrong with the kind of women I tend to chase, and what is wrong with society of which vicariously teaches us through Movies and TV shows.

Chapter two: My Heart is a Ghost Town

Do you know what sucks, after two weeks of lovesickness I discover my love interest has a rarely seen boyfriend I did not know about because she never advertised it anywhere only after I told her my feelings in plain language as it seemed throughout our conversations I constantly expressed poetic fondness for her yet she “did not get the memo” as most Hollywood actors usually say. So I have to ask myself again did I fall in love with the idea of her and my texts instead of hers. Is she really a 'Plain-Jane' compared to the demi-goddess I described in a story of two long books I wrote for her, it seems yes. I am starting to realise that through lovesickness I fall in love with myself like Narcissus.
At the moment I feel depressed, especially after I mentioned to her like a desperate tick on a dog that “If your best friend is all I can be then I will be legendarily the best.” What a stupid move I did she respected. Really I have had enough of women, not that I am now interested in men of which I still am not now, thank you very much. Women are coquettish, teasers and temptress tricksters. I don't understand how they want male friends and not lovers, really, stop ruining my life after all the investment and effort I put into such an intimate relationship!

Chapter three: What do you want from me?!

Frailty thy name is woman! What is their problem, why do they have be such beautiful jerks? I now think I know the answer to be quite simple, women want to feel secure, have many paramours and friends protecting them through their life time, it is selfish, especially when they see you as a friend and nothing more. Oh the Humanity!
What is wrong with me is that I love too ardently and too considerately.
What is wrong with women is that they don't appreciate me in the way I want and need.
What is wrong with society is we men are all confused by women.

Chapter four: For your entertainment my conclusions.

For now I don't know what to do with myself, I admit, I could stay her best friend and see if I could become better than her nameless boyfriend who could be anyone, thus supplant him if I can. I feel really pissed off. All I wanted was for her to love me, anyone really, that is why I tried so hard and so smartly. Some people are lucky, I am not. Why Love is a Satire, is because it is not for the faint hearted, love is torture, love is not easy, love is for gods and goddesses.

'Exploring Callisthenics'

Exploring Callisthenics

Chapter one: Introductions

For several years I wanted to become a male model slash actor, I was scrawny before my psychological medicines temporarily ruined me with slight obesity, anyway, but I still would like to be such. Since last year I have been exercising at a local inexpensive gym, while I am doing more exercise every time I attend I have recently remembered a word related to exercise I really like, Callisthenics, (Beautiful Strength Exercise). Thus in this essay I will discover how I can earn such a divine body as I wean off my psychological medicines and return to being scrawny again, let us hope I don't have to wait too long for my body to recover.

Chapter two: How to be handsome

To be handsome one has to be look perfect, from grooming to personal hygiene, and weight lose in my case. Olympic standard gymnastic exercises seems like the workout for me, plus weight machines I already utilise. These fitness heroes and heroines I aspire to emulate are like demi-gods/goddesses in their performances of finesse. To be handsome in manners one needs to be a gentleman/woman – this is not too difficult for me to enact effort.

Chapter three: How to be strong

How to be strong, or rather stronger, one has to invest hard work and endurance into the movements and pauses of demonstrating strength. It is all about boasting of one's worthy competence and glory, essentially confidence, especially the progressive journey towards flaunting such. Also it is about being happy and experiencing a montage of success with awesome music. To become stronger one has to become somewhat addicted to fitness.

Chapter four: How to exercise properly

It is about asking the correct questions about how to perform and complete each exercise, that blissful moment one is in the success mental zone of ease and brilliance, and being courageous about pushing one's limits – that heroic exercise is like tackling one's challenges and solving the problems, being an adrenaline junkie and zealously being busy and hungry for more transcendence.

Chapter five: Conclusions

Thus eating healthy, regularly and smartly one can succeed in one's callisthenic endeavours, as well as having one's consciousness raised about finally performing the answers to one's once confused questions like Hercules.

'The Gamer and I' Books 1 and 2

The Gamer and I

Dedicated to my muse, Marcella.

Book One: Millennia of Evil Pollution

Chapter one: Introductions

Once upon a time there was a futuristic urbane floating isle kingdom called Evergreen upon Foresthill lake, it is called Evergreen because this artificial landscape is like a garden of which is engineered to be evergreen. Humans, elves and witches, the three races of mankind, have existed for twenty thousand years thus far, since ten thousand years ago Evergreen was developed and has lived long and prospered also thus far. The Anacreon family are half-elves and they have ruled since time immemorial. In present day there is a prince called Apollo who is an eccentric soul, ambitious, clever, maniacal, masochistic daredevil and mischievous prankster, yet stoic, mild-mannered, and self-righteous.
The memory has been written of a Flask of which contained all the potential and influential Evil in world before civilisation began. A human was curious enough to take off the Flask's lid and accidentally release said evil. Ashamed the human tried to undo what he did but his fanatical witch guide would spitefully cast a spell on the Flask so that it would disappear in teleportation away to somewhere unknown and random yet far away and difficult to retrieve. Also there is another legendary artefact called The Alpha Dragon's Tooth Dagger of which was crafted by a warlock, evil witch, early in the first Age, the first ten thousand years. It is recorded the evidence of its use to infect people, especially an army, in a way such as with enhanced strength, smarts, and savagery to the point of abominable. How such an army was defeated in past was through by an alliance of humans, elves and witches trapping them in a vaulted prison alive so that these zombies would eat each other and starve to death.
Humans are agricultural, sporty and brutal, Elves are technological researchers, experimentors, and engineers, and witches are mystically arcane and philosophical.
Since the beginnings of the first civilisations there have been thieves and exiles for all sorts of reasons, thus a rogue nation developed in a vast desert away from all claim of preference in the world, called the Oasis, for millennia these people have connived and dared to engulf whichever rivalling kingdom in vengeance.  

Chapter two: Witch Daughter of Death

About twenty years before present day a witch woman, Marion Muse, did something rarely ever attempted, she experienced a ritual to mate with the Alpha Reaper of Death and bear a child from it sired. The daughter of this union was called Blair Muse. Throughout Blair's special upbringing she was most talented with trickery and games when she masterfully succeeded in her young adulthood rite of passage of which she left her mother to become a hermit for hire. From the wilderness of her Tree-house to the kingdom of Evergreen did she travel to where she decided to settle to become a professional Gamer. For two years Blair became an expert and achieved the global high standards.
Blair also has a shadow pet, a phantasmic white tiger, of which symbiotically bonded with her after a reaping went wrong.

Chapter Three: The Prophetic Vision    

Prince Apollo, a brown haired, eerie pale skinned, bright green eyed, with brawny and smart wolfishly intimidating physiognomy, has his daily prophetic vision of which is disturbing featuring his former friend and advisor who he exiled for daring to call Prince Apollo “evil” who would soon find the Alpha Dragon's Tooth Dagger, become the leader of the Kingdom of the Rogues in the Oasis Desert, and lead a zombie army against Evergreen, and thus in reaction Prince Apollo advertises through all media to all eligible avant garde innovative thinking aspiring Champions to assemble for a pageant to win the title of Champion General and Adventurer/Adventuress Squire so that they may find someone new who could help secure their survival and gnostic bliss. Among the elite is Blair, who is pretty, has very long unkempt beautiful raven black hair, snow white unblemished porcelain skin, ripe chilli red lips and chocolate brown eyes, and awesome skills and talents. Blair, a busy restless soul, is ambitious, passionate and wise, demonstrates her distinguishing glorious skills and talents, and shows off her personality and intellect of which Prince Apollo is surprised to approve not knowing she is a witch, especially a daughter of Death. After watching all the contestants Apollo chooses Blair as a winner, the best and the most appropriate.

Chapter four: The Quests

Apollo decides to find the hallowed Empty Flask of Evil himself and also have Blair stop his former advisor Bradley from discovering The Alpha Dragon's Tooth Dagger by having the kingdom's veteran army generals train a task force with Blair captaining this team. Prince Apollo recognises where The Alpha Dragon's Tooth Dagger is hoarded from his prophetic vision and notices when this acquisition will happen of which is in Winter once the first snowfall comes to the hemisphere. The acquisition will happen in a full month as it is nearing the end of Autumn.
Blair wants a battle though, she does not want to prevent the war as she arrogantly thinks she can raise the those ancient dead zombies to undeadness and lead them and her task force against Bradley, future King of the Rogues while Prince Apollo is away looking for a plan B if Blair's task force fails to prevent the acquisition of such a lethal weapon.
But before this even happens an extravagant banquet is organised in Blair's honour as Champion General and Adventuress Squire where besides pomp the food and beverages are the most scrumptious known to the established world. Tomorrow training will begin thus for tonight they dine like gods to fuel their high spirits.
In the Great Hall of the Evergreen Palace where the festival is being held Blair sits next to Prince Apollo at the royal elevated table of which the prince decides now is an opportune moment to get to know Blair, entrust her with promised gifts and earn her loyalty as he, naturally sceptically cynical as it takes one to know another, suspects she being a Gamer must love to participate in a great war as he would too if he was not so afraid of the affects of the Alpha Dragon's Tooth Dagger's zombies.

Chapter five: Boot-camp

The location of the hoard where the Alpha Dragon's Tooth Dagger lies concealed is in an ancient mine mountain nearby the Foresthill lake, about a couple of hours away if they travel by aircraft. However finding it weapon may be difficult to exhume and while they excavate the entire site the task force has to guard it and the selected archaeologists. Exhuming the dagger may take a while so in the caverns of the mine Blair and her team will have practise martial arts, military weapons proper usage, and strategic trapping techniques. At this boot-camp Blair styles her hair in way that does not get in the way of her fighting manoeuvres, and she is also gifted with special elegant combat garb, smart tools, and lethal weaponry.
Within this month Blair progressively becomes more leanly brawny too than just beautiful and brainy and thus also a formidable enemy to Bradley and his accomplices.

Chapter six: Quest without a map

Blair knows Prince Apollo will be roaming the Earth aimlessly for the Empty Flask of Evil based on rumour and bits of source evidence, so considerately she attempts to mental project herself into the spirit underworld to summon and trick the answers from the fanatical witch who betrayed Apollo's ancestor, Contritio, in hopes to impress both the prince and her father if the latter should show up to watch her extort information from the bastard. Blair accomplishes the mental projection and successfully summons the correct spirit by full name of whose name is Proditor Camorra but he is continually stubbornly rude and defying. Lo and behold Blair's father, Azrael, manifests laughing aloud as he levitates towards the conversation between his daughter and this criminal. Azrael comforts his daughter saying he will make a deal with her he will mind rape Proditor and discover the information for Blair in exchange for her to take over his job for 24 hours while also being successfully competent in the service. Blair sees right through her fathers guard to view his motive of which is to have a holiday and gleefully know his daughter is following in his foot steps. Blair is ready for any challenge thus for Prince Apollo she will help him acquire his Plan B.
Extremely creepy and awful is the job Blair undertakes, the things she sees are grim, ghoulish and macabre. The screams and cries echo. But finally she manages to be psycho-pomp to good souls to paradise where there are chanting choirs.
While Blair is busy in the spirit underworld Bradley and his minions arrive when the first snow falls of Winter and her task force are out numbered by one and their captain cannot lead them to defend the perimeter and chase off the Rogues. Bradley manages to win and capture both the weapon and Blair's unconscious body as prisoner.

Chapter seven: We will win the war

Returning to Oasis Desert Kingdom of the Rogues Bradley is made king so long as he infects them with the Alpha Dragon's Fang's venom. When Blair's temporary job is finished she returns to conscious in her body she suddenly realises she is wearing stripperific vesture and is chained as a slave in a dungeon. Vexed with her unfortunate circumstance Blair unleashes her Witch-Deathly powers to break free from her fetters with blazing ferocity as she pulverises the shackles and sprints with momentum through the Oasis Mansion's dungeon basement, up the stairs kicking ass and maiming and throwing everyone she encounters as she nears the exit as there are too many people to fight towards the inner sanctum and Blair should rather get away on any kind of vehicle than dare steal back the Alpha Dragon's Tooth Dagger artefact of which its guards may already be infected and thus she is not powerful enough to defeat. To get away perfectly from this desert kingdom Blair attempts to use a Reaper ability to teleport herself elsewhere, hopefully to Prince Apollo.
Blair is able to manifest where Prince Apollo is, a tropical jungle habitat, with the information from her father and bad news for Plan A. Blair quickly tries to explain to the prince what she is, being part witch and part Reaper, that she is not fanatical like Proditor Camorra and he should not allow himself to be prejudiced and distrust her. The prince is angry with her for choosing the worst time to help him find the Empty Flask of Evil when she should have helped her team secure the Alpha Dragon's Tooth Dagger from any of the Rogues. Blair then promises Prince Apollo she will think of a way to help Evergreen win the war.

Chapter eight: Blackest Night
Bradley contaminates the blood of all the Rogues and himself, the transformations are horribly grotesque as their willpower for carnage increases from the Alpha Dragon's venom. Shrieking, howling and roaring do they stampede as monstrous zombies out of the Oasis desert like a vampire finally free to escape hell. Unified in their ireful hate they plan to surround the Foresthill lake days later and leap like giants over the lake into the floating isle Kingdom of Evergreen.
With only days left until the war commences Blair decides to use her Witch-Reaper abilities
to transport Prince Apollo and herself instantly to where the Empty Flask of Evil is, acquire it and then teleport to the palace of Evergreen to prepare to use the Flask's reverse suction to take back what it spewed out so many millennia ago before the war starts. Thus does this come to pass. Without the evil in the world the Rogue's venomous transformations will be nullified.

Chapter nine: Brightest Day

Back at the palace do Prince Apollo and Blair manifest engulfed in shadowy smoke surprising everyone in the throne room. Prince Apollo decides to go up to the highest tower's roof with Blair and his immediate royal family to open the lid of the ancient decorative stone Empty Flask of Evil and watch the iniquity of the world be marvellously swallowed up by the vessel. Triumphant do they all feel as it feels like the air is fresher and cleaner in the absence of pollution.
An armistice reconciliation ceremony happens as soon as The Rogues arrive at the shore of the Foresthill lake disillusioned and changed in attitude. So begins a ball where Prince Apollo and Blair dance the night away to psychedelic groovy rock music.

To be continued.    

Book Two: The Aftermath

Episode One: Rivalry at The Elysiumic Games

A season later this next year's hosts of the Elysiumic Games will be held in the stadia of a neighbouring kingdom of Human-Witches called Athanasy, the land of the Deathless. Their history is fascinating as they have the favour of Azrael the Alpha Reaper of Death for their excellent veneration of him and stalwart following of his teachings. Many international kingdoms shall attend this grand sporting series of events with ceremony gala entertainment celebrations.
Blair, daughter of Azrael and Marion Muse the witch citizen of Athanasy's wilderness, will participate in some athletic trials and extreme games. Blair has since the beginning of Winter been coached by her father who sometimes coaches citizens of Athanasy throughout the kingdom's history. Prince Apollo will also attend, however as a spectator in the regal watcher boxes to watch his elder sister Monza also perform the similar trails as Blair, and ambassadorial representative of his kingdom for strengthening diplomacy throughout the Elysiumic Games. Blair will be partaking in Electronic Sports,
Equestrian Sports, Gymnastics, Ice Figure Skating, Martial Arts, Pro Wrestling, Fencing, and Archery. Blair has since adopted a competitive streak for danger after hanging out with Prince Apollo.
Sportulary, the relying on or earning supporting charity or the generosity of patrons, is encouraged in the Elysiumic Games. Blair already has the Anacreon family's supporting favour for the best gear.
Blair soon meets her Athanasy wily rival in the form of blue blooded Lady Pandora Cratica, a blood red silky sleek, thick and glossily neat haired gigantic Human-Witch woman who boasts she is more prettier, smarter and brawnier than Blair at this moment in time. Pandora is allegedly notorious for magically cheating and crippling her opponents and is still under investigation, however she always suggests probable alibis, coincidences, and loopholes.
The opening ceremony celebration happens with sheer spectacular synchronised fine arty performances representing each kingdom, however Pandora tries to steal the lime light from Blair's reputation in rescuing the world from Evil late last year with surprisingly announcing her arranged marriage to Prince Apollo to the public over speaker-phone. Subsequently Pandora vindictively says to Blair she will ruin Prince Apollo and Blair's best friendship with making Blair the one to blame if Blair wins any one of their mutual trials.

Episode Two: Cheaters Never Prosper

The next day's morning Blair commences to fulfil her daily schedule in luxury in Prince Apollo, Princess Monza and Blair's shared hotel apartment nearby a stadium. Suddenly there is a knock on the door and Blair answers it to discover Lady Pandora visiting Prince Apollo to remind him to attend their private engagement breakfast with their families before Monza, Pandora, Blair's first Elysiumic Games Trial. Pandora audaciously tells Blair she is not invited, but the prince and princess defy Pandora by inviting Blair themselves as Blair is now after a season friendly spent together like family. Blair shows off her smug facial expressions to Pandora who tries to compose herself despite her hysterical frustration exploding in her mind.
At the Paradise Hotel's dining buffet hall the private engagement breakfast happens, where speeches are recited and Pandora bitchily coerces Blair to also congratulate her best friend on such an opportunity. Blair is insulted yet she decides to imagine Prince Apollo is engaged to someone, anyone, else than Pandora when congratulating them both and wishing them the best of which she, Blair, conceals and pretends not to show her bitterness in not believing in marriage but friendly cohabiting. Blair seems to like Monza as she does not like Pandora either, thus for the rest of the breakfast Blair sits next-to her confidante to gossip about Pandora and exchange rumours.
Later in the day Blair will verse Monza, Pandora and other women in Archery and then end the day with Pro Wrestling. Blair is courageous and unbelieving that Pandora can destroy their best friendships with Apollo and Monza, but she promises to herself she will perform her best, be wary of Pandora's despicable dangerous nature and endeavour to be more cunning that her annoying rival. Thus in between rage and serenity Blair concentrates on winning as she shoots her first of many arrows at her targets with precision and zeal.
Later Blair is announced the first victor of the Archery trials of which she feels gloriously awesome as she receives congratulatory hugs from the prince and princess of the Evergreen kingdom. Blair can sense the ardent intensity of Pandora's jealous fury, yet Blair cachinnates pride as she suspects Pandora's insidious cheating machination examples will show up soon in the Pro Wrestling Trials.  
Indeed Blair the Wise Witch-Reaper is correct in her deductive predictions as Lady Pandora is now merciless in her narcissistic and perfectionistic hatred of Blair and now dares to injure Blair so much that Pandora will not lose again to her. Prince Apollo is too entertained and proud of Blair to notice his possible future wife's criminal intent, however vehemently shows off obliviously supporting both women in his life.
Dressed to kill Pandora wears her national colours as she bears her teeth in a sardonic grin as time starts for the wrestling to happen. Blair remembers her extreme training from her father in showing her how to be extraordinarily and indomitably formidable. Blair prowls around the wrestling arena circle/square mat waiting for the moment to end the rounds as quickly as possible with swift robust unforgiving finesse. Pandora has her threatening moments of almost making Blair loose a round, but Blair keeps her cool and figures out a better, trickier way of spontaneously winning. By the end of the day's game trials Blair is bruised and scratched a bit, but happy she competently succeeded against the odds.

Episode Three: Don't marry her, have me!

The next day the next game trails are Fencing and Martial Arts. Oozing with worthy confidence Blair prepares herself in the morning to fight with a sabre sword and her limbs. Pandora is much more hurt than Blair from yesterday, thus her scorn for Blair is nigh absolute – Blair thinks that Pandora's wrath will further corrupt Pandora's skills and talents and thus continue to lose and become more filled with blind vicious rage that she may stress herself out and allow Blair to win a trail by default.
Blair continues to be phlegmatically tranquil and in the successful mental zone. From now onwards every trail seems to be surmounted with ease as Blair is too securely positive in spirits to be brought low and panicky like Pandora.
At another neighbouring stadium Blair is clad in white skin tight full body elegant material armour for Fencing. Thus far Blair is accomplishing many triumphs and the spectators are progressively supporting her more as a favourite, especially for her genuine gracious nature and sportsmanship. The crowds of spectators are clearly observing Pandora being a cruelly supremacist against other opponents too, but however she tries to adapt Blair is always has a raised consciousness about how to take advantage of Pandora's vulnerabilities and if Pandora was ever the fairest of them all indeed now the fatigue and stress is inducing ugliness to her physiognomy like a hairless cat.
For Martial Arts Blair fights like an expert goddess – supremely dynamic, vigourous and valiant. Blair's hard meticulous work is making her meritorious.
By the end of the day Blair is annoyed enough with Pandora so she confronts Pandora first in private to tell her to relax and that Blair is not trying to romantically impress Prince Apollo and steal him away from her, but Pandora should become a better person who Prince Apollo deserves. Pandora, however, is too unstable to acknowledge Blair's friendly confession, and lashes out at with further paranoia of which Blair punches Pandora unconscious to hinder potential assault and then throws Pandora onto and over her own shoulders to carry Lady Pandora to her bedroom suite before retiring back to her own shared apartment to tell Prince Apollo his fiancée is mad and should stay a bachelor and not risk their friendship further with this insecure jerk of which Blair proves such claims through Princess Monza, a source of evidence, spying on Blair and Pandora's rivalling conversations.        

Episode Four: Titanic

Utterly embarrassed the next day about her raving mad behaviour towards Blair, especially with Prince Apollo now aware of such self-destructive desperation, Lady Pandora agrees to cancel the engagement and pulls out of the Elysiumic Games too and soon seek counselling from her family psychologist.
Without an angry, fanatical rival to spar with the Elysiumic Games are much more bearable and pleasant chivalrous games.
Today the final day of the Elysiumic Games Blair and Monza will participate in Gymnastics, Ice Figure Skating and Equestrian Sports. While participating in the gymnastics Blair and Monza are introduced to three sports-persons, one blonde human woman and two elf silver haired twin brothers named Artemis, then Fabio and Claudio respectively.
Monza bets Blair in Gymnastic trials and becomes a champion, then Fabrizio and Claudio tie for first place and bet Blair and Monza in Ice Figure Skating trials, and subsequently Artemis wins Equestrian Sport trials and bets Blair, Monza, and Fabrizio and Claudio.
Later in the evening after the awards ceremony gala for the champions the majestic closing performance celebration commences with kaleidoscopic magnificence as recently exhumed ancient decorative puzzle artefact pieces are for the first time fitted together to celebrate this memorable occasion, but suddenly everything intuitively feels evilly wrong as the puzzle metamorphes into a portal from hell and a colossal titan escapes who is recognised to be Petronas the titanic Alpha Dragon once exiled to Tartarus of perdition. Petronas soars into the airspace of this Elysiumic stadium and satirically laughs and breaths blazing flames from his mouth. Azrael the Alpha Reaper of Death was famed for exorcising the great worm using the Puzzle of Rebus, yet some of the story has been forgotten by most mortal people of Earth. It seems a necromancer orchestrated this puzzle to be fitted together in the correct arcane code.
Moments later the hell-hole closes and the durable puzzle pieces of Rebus artefacts are magically scattered in six ways across the planet.

Episode Five: Indestructible

In the havoc of Petronas of which supersedes being set free, Monza, Artemis, Fabrizio and Claudio converge to where Blair and Prince Apollo are and ask each other who the hell is that and where did the puzzle pieces go. Prince Apollo remembers the legend well and informs them that they must endeavour retrieve the missing puzzle pieces of Rebus artefacts as soon as possible because as long as Petronas has freedom this Earth may become a wasteland again of which they should not allow come rain or hell fire and save the world again.
Prince Apollo, supreme geek, knows that this titanic Alpha Dragon is indestructible and a master of war, so to defeat him is to collect the puzzle pieces and reopen the portal to hell and telekinetically send him flying whence he came.
Blair decides to take the Flask of Evil with her on her journey with her mother of whom she dare not leave alone to fend for herself wherever the Alpha Dragon may fly as she can teleport away from Petronas if need be. To locate the puzzle pieces of Rebus Blair enchants several compass devices to locate the nearest puzzle piece, like a tracking radar.
Prince Apollo commences to travel north, Blair southward, Princess Monza westward, Artemis eastward, and Fabrizio and Claudio separately go south eastwardly and north westwardly, respectively.
Each of team of Elysiumic Champions pack light with only best and minimalistic smart survival gear sponsored by the Anacreon family of whom like most smart people of the world have escaped danger by hiding in ancient yet maintained bunkers. Each of the team of Elysiumic Champions say their goodbyes and good lucks to each other before they vanish into the wilderness of many habitats from jungles to tundras.

Episode Six: The Ghostly Traveller

As Blair and Marion travel southward she and her mother encounter a ghostly traveller with a mysterious unfinished business of which she can relate to. The Ghostly Traveller is called Leo Phantom and he has lingered undead on Earth for several centuries, albeit kind and generous he has an aggressive temper from ghostsickness of which means that after a while of being a ghost with unfinished business one tends to be easily irritable because one should be experiencing the comfort of the afterlife but cannot because one is stuck in a kind of limbo. Despite how excellent a role model Marion is to Blair, Blair wonders if Leo the Experienced Friendly Ghost can mentor her and help her vicariously communicate and assist Prince Apollo and her friends through himself.
Through public transport Blair, Marion and Leo traverse southwards and eventually encounter a haunted maze of which they get lost upon entering when Blair's compass radar acknowledges a puzzle piece artefact is nearby, perhaps at the centre of the maze. Blair knows that by her own gamer wits it may take a while to get to the centre, but she serendipitously has a ghost friend with her who could go straight to where the puzzle piece artefact is and navigate Blair and Marion towards the target. However as this comes to pass, Blair's retrieval endeavour, Poltergeists seem to challenge Blair to battle of bizarre profound riddles of which Marion helps answer these enigmatic questions. Once the Blair answers all seven questions astonishingly correct to the chagrin of the Poltergeists they let Blair and Marion pass safely. Blair decides to go into hiding back at her Tree-house in the wilderness outskirts of Athanasy and send Leo to facilitate Prince Apollo.
Prince Apollo is approaching the tundra highlands of the kingdom of Moorlands and his radar compass shows one of the missing puzzle piece artefacts is within and down an ancient mossy stone well beneath the overcast grey sky. Suddenly Leo Phantom manifests next-to Prince Apollo who becomes aghast with fright as he tries to defend himself against an incorporeal spirit unsuccessfully. Leo Phantom explains his brief adventure with Blair down south within a maze and he is a friend not a foe. Prince Apollo then asks Leo to help him espy the puzzle piece artefact within the well pool of water of which connects to a subterranean lake. Prince Apollo withdraws ergonomic rope from his duffel bag, tightly secures the rope around a nearby boulder and comfortably around his upper half of his legs and lower himself down the well to submerge himself in the clean spring water and reach for the artefact puzzle piece however fresh water amphibious fish people hybrids dare strangle and drown Prince Apollo. Leo helps to telekinetically to wield Prince Apollo's throwing knives and pierce the territorial fish-people. Prince Apollo then retrieves the puzzle piece artefact and clambers up the well with also pulling himself upwards. On the surface around the mossy well Prince Apollo thanks Leo, Leo tells Prince Apollo to converge towards Blair's Tree-house, and then Prince Apollo recommends that Leo find and help his elder sister, Monza, in the tropical jungles of the kingdom of Serein and tell her the same.
Monza seems to be encountering barbarous territorial animated plant people tribe spies who are easily threatened if anyone hurts any plant even by accident. Monza carefully marches through the jungle towards the puzzle piece artefact. When she reaches the artefact Monza is hungry so desperately she picks a few wild edible yellow mushrooms forgetting that even trying to eat plants, even fungus is prohibited here in the jungle. So as Monza is about to eat the mushrooms raw Leo manifests and tells Monza she should not eat those fungi as the spying tribes-people will chase after Monza, Monza is afraid and too hungry so she eats the mushrooms anyway then takes flight sprinting back whence she came causing more accidental damage to the jungle and causing more anger to the plant people. Once out of the jungle territory of the Serein plant people Leo explains who he is and whom have sent him to help her and why. Monza thanks Leo despite her stupidity in causing trouble the locals of the jungle when he warned her. Monza then recommends that Leo visit Artemis in the Oasis Desert kingdom of the former Rogues now called Refuge.
Artemis, a supreme admirer of Prince Apollo and Blair's adventures late last year, is now familiar with the history of Oasis Desert, especially that coincidently the place where the ancient humans, elves and witches lured the Alpha Dragon's venomously infected zombies into captivity within a vaulted prison nearby.
Even in Spring the Oasis Desert is scorchingly dry during the day, yet Artemis continues to march forward towards where the magic radar compass device senses the next puzzle piece artefact of which is leading her straight for that aforementioned vaulted prison. It seems the puzzle piece artefact has punctured a hole into the vaulted prison of which has never been opened since the lure of the zombies. Thus now she must break into the vaulted prison to retrieve the missing piece. Leo suddenly appears to Artemis warning her that albeit it has be millennia since their captivity at least one that could have survived not being eaten could have been hibernating ever since and is she willing to risk disturbing the slumber of such a grizzly bear of a zombie and fight against one really ravenous zombie. Artemis asks herself what would Prince Apollo and Blair do as well as how important is this puzzle piece artefact at the moment. Artemis decides to be courageous and face her demons and then ask Leo if as a ghost he could help her, especially if she has to sacrifice herself internecine with the zombie for Leo to transport this nearby artefact to either of the elvish twins.
Indeed, it seems a zombie still survived in this vaulted prison like a vampire starved for blood. Artemis an agile Gymnastics champion uses her special abilities to fatigue the zombie further and hopefully she does not have to die or become infected. While she is bouncing around the vaulted prison Leo hovers towards the present puzzle piece artefact and does what he is told and flies away telekinetically carrying the artefact to help Fabrizio nearby in the savannah kingdom of Serengeti. Meanwhile Claudio is in the Arctic snowy region being chased by white and grey wolves.
Fabrizio is marching through a canopy of grassland trees when Leo swoops down through the sky bearing a puzzle piece of which Fabrizio is glad to finally find one, however Leo mentions this is not the puzzle piece artefact he is supposed to find but it is Artemis's find and thus Leo will help Fabrizio in his challenge of faith and loyal to the noble cause whatever the danger may be. Fabrizio eventually discovers his destined puzzle piece artefact on the necklace of a swarthy, gigantic and mighty human warrior who easily takes offence when he notices Fabrizio is now holding Artemis's puzzle piece artefact and trying to communicate via sign language what he wants. Suddenly Fabrizio has an idea and wonders if this warrior human is superstitious and may want to give up the puzzle piece artefact necklace if Leo scares him into meek submission. Thus does this plan come to pass as Fabrizio is glad he avoided fighting as he is just an ice figure skater champion. Fabrizio then thanks Leo for his ghostly services and then asks Leo to help out Fabrizio's twin brother Claudio in the Arctic snowy kingdom of Isatis.
There Claudio sprints towards the palace of Isatis where his enchanted radar compass for settle from the keen cold winds and the hunger of the wolves chasing him as they toy and mock him that he should surrender to them to be mauled, chewed and consumed. Claudio is suddenly rescued by the young platinum white-blonde haired unmarried witch queen of Isatis called Elsar as she pulls him up on to her crystal horse of which the sunlight casts rainbows all over the environment behind her on the pillion of the saddle and hushes the wolves animal laughs and frightens them away with several ominous, eerie and wacky fox-like sounds of which freaks out the wolves with direful awkwardness. Witch Queen Elsar invites Claudio to her palace for a hot beverage and an introductory conversation. In Elsar's crystal palace's throne room she commences the conversation to Claudio to which Claudio replies he is here in her kingdom, rather queen dominion, to retrieve the puzzle piece artefact of Rebus as Petronas the Infectious Alpha Dragon has been free from hell and he must return to his tantalising punishment. Convinced by Claudio's factual story Witch Queen Elsar willingly decides to gift the puzzle piece she found recently to him and send Isatis guards to protect him on his way back to exorcise the great dreadful draconian worm. However Witch Queen flirtatiously demands with charming eloquence that Claudio must return to repay her kind rescuing of him from those hungry beasts who she must now feed so other way.

Episode Seven: Fond Goodbye

While Blair has been in hiding her father Azrael has been instructing her how to permanently exorcise Petronas in infernal hell. For her succeed in this one shot exorcism she needs to practise on test subjects, her options are Leo and her shadow spirit pet white tiger, Pulchritudinous, who has been such a happy faithful pet – obviously not send them to hell, but to Afterlife Trial of Judgement where they will be powerless to be escape their fate, in Petronas case he will be easily sent to hell by the Council of Judge Rulers of the spiritual underworld. Until meeting Leo Phantom Blair did not know about ghostsickness and thought Pulchritudinous would be with Blair for as long as she lived, but that was selfish of her to keep Pulchritudinous to herself. Pulchritudinous being absorbed into Blair gifted her with enhanced fierce instincts, strength, smartness, and senses as the dominant host of their mutual friendly symbiosis.
Coincidentally once Leo has helped all five Elysiumic Champions and Prince Apollo Blair summons Leo Phantom to manifest in her Tree-house inform her about her friends' progress and statuses. Blair then asks Leo she can be mentored for moment with some experienced advice and listen to his memorised memoir, including how he died, before she helps him settle his unfinished business affairs before exorcising him to his afterlife destiny.
Blair learns there is always hope if one stays calm and smartly chooses how solve difficult dangerous challenges, and that it is better to find the humour in tough, dreadful and painful situations and not panic and make the mistake of showing one's vulnerabilities. Blair also learns from Leo that until he died he did not live his life properly and happily as he moved as rolling stone of which gathered no moss richness and died of a drug overdose. Since Leo died he became obsessed with living undead right and fulfilling and so helped travellers because he wished he had the enlightenment of courage and manners before he died to invest in the vocation to be a hermit psychologist mentor and guide. Blair then tells Leo that albeit bitter-sweet an undead existence she think that he now has fulfilled his dream and thus Blair asks permission as an amateur Half-Reaper of Death she may commence the ritual to conjure a tractor beam of brilliant light to elevate Leo to the Afterlife realm to receive his Trail of Judgement from the Council of Judge Rulers. Leo accepts his fate and allows Blair to spirit him away perfectly and properly first try after a fond goodbye and god-speed from Blair, Azrael and Marion. Subsequently it is Pulchritudinous's turn to be exorcised to the afterlife too. Feeling more confident and ready to do the same for Pulchritudinous Blair recommences another an exorcism for animals of which Blair is again successful yet distressingly crying as feels Pulchritudinous being snatched from their bond. Afterwards both Blair's parents proudly hug and then cuddle up on a sofa reminiscing.

Since Petronas has been released from hell the Kingdom of Athanasy and its stadia are in utter ruins and he flying towards the kingdom Evergreen to do what he does horribly the best.

Episode Eight: Exorcising Petronas Again, Part I

The ensemble characters converge towards Blair's home, the Tree-house, carrying their puzzle piece artefacts to assemble for the fitting together of the puzzle piece artefacts in their specific code to form the correct sigil. Blair has observed that Petronas is flying in the direction of the kingdom of Evergreen, thus they too must travel there, however to get there before the dragon to protect the citizens and commence the exorcism ritual.
Just in case you were wondering about the back story of Petronas, he is the last remnant of a distant past of prehistoric evolutionary natural selection. Like lobsters the more they mature the stronger and healthier they are. There used to be many dragons on Earth but an asteroid wiped all but one, their king and alpha who became a cannibal before hibernating in a bunker to wait out the pollution caused by global volcanoes. Millennia later Petronas was awoken from his slumber by that aforementioned warlock in book one: “Millennia of Evil Pollution” who battled the Petronas and managed to knock a fanged tooth from the dragon’s mouth, ran away and crafted his dagger, and survived the ages immortal from the infection of the dagger contaminating his blood to also become a cannibal of which would preserve his life like Petronas had. Afterwards the warlock, named Ensorcell, assembled a loyal army of exiles and thieves and infected them too. Petronas now awake enthusiastically watched how Ensorcell would use his accidental gift to do honour whence it came. Unfortunately Ensorcell lost control over his men who were lured into a vaulted prison in the Oasis Desert and locked away to starve. Depressed with losing control of his army Ensorcell returns to Petronas humbled and willing to serve the mighty Alpha Dragon. The first thing Petronas desires to do is take dominion of what he lost and the shift of opportunity given to humans, elves and witches to rule in his absence.
At this time in history Azrael the Alpha Reaper of Death and the other categories of alpha immortal spirits of the heavens observed Petronas dare to take back what the Spirits endeavoured to erase his species as they were far more brutal than humans, too hubristic experimentors than elves, and too mystically arcane in the dark arts than witches the dragons’ successors. Thus Azrael was commissioned to exorcise Petronas to the depths of hell only after Petronas had laid waste and ruin to the world’s cities and kingdoms and every man, woman and child would observe and be reminded that the gods were here to save them from annihilation and thus would need to be repaid in better veneration and worship from now onwards.  
Back to the present future, Ensorcell the necromancer flies on the back of Petronas, not like how a man, woman or child rides a horse of which suggests dominance, but sitting there as a gift to watch how a real general controls the infected zombies of which Petronas while in Athanasy had infected many citizens whom are now following him towards the kingdom of Evergreen rabid with HUNGER. [Cliffhanger]

Episode Nine: Exorcising Petronas Again, Part II

As expected a swiftly flying Alpha Dragon is quicker than futuristic traffic-free train-vehicles. Thus does Petronas land upon the floating isle of Evergreen causing chaos and making the isle slowly sink under his titanic weight. The ensemble characters, some there for morale support, take a ferry to the encircling cities, towns, villages and farms of the palace to commence to stand their ground invisible and protected by a resilient force field as they confront Petronas and Ensorcell and endeavour to put the puzzle piece artefacts together to form the elaborate, exquisite and intricate Rebus exorcism sigil.
Once the puzzle is complete, Blair recites a mystical repetitive spooky chant that allows the sigil slab to elevate into the sky and shoot out a cyan tractor beam at Petronas and Ensorcell crippling them with incapacitation as a huge portal to the Afterlife Trail of Judgement manifests from the Rebus puzzle artefact attracting the antagonists as they expressively yell their disappointment and pangs.
The Infected are still among the ensemble characters and the Evergreen isle is still sinking thus Prince Apollo must figure out a way to re-stabilise the floating foundation of the isle while Blair and Azrael cures the zombies with wave blasts of spiritual amelioration as Prince Apollo free-runs across the kingdom fighting and avoiding the zombies as he navigates himself towards the levitating floatation foundation devices at the bottom levels of the kingdom to help tinker and repair the machines with the help from the androids always on duty to resolve the issue of the isle sinking.      

Episode Ten: Community Service Competition, the Clean-Up Crew

Several of the gods and goddesses, The Alpha Spirits, are pugnaciously arguing each other over petty things like jealousy and being threatened by Azrael and his daughter, Blair, a rising star, demi-god, in popularity. The Alpha Spirits feel the Earth’s populace are supporting, venerating and worshiping Blair Muse more than them their patrons because of her heroic avant garde unique greatness.
Thus the Alpha Spirits want Blair Muse to sell out as an endorsing poster advertising figurehead by completing thirteen herculean services for each of the thirteen Alpha Spirits including her father Azrael.

Blair desiring not to succumb to peer pressure decides to intimidatingly talk down to the gods and goddesses to hinder their futile nonsense by encouraging them to act more innovative, be more heroic, and doing more impressive things for the mortals, novelties if they must.
At first the Alpha Spirits are astonishingly insulted by Blair’s impertinence but then they realise that is Blair’s recipe for becoming a favourite. So instead they decide to initiate a competition between their demi-god children to represent each Alpha Spirit in an aftermath community services to renovate and fix whatever Petronas the Infectious Alpha Dragon reduced to ruins in the preceding days of his final exorcism.

Here is a list of all the name of the Alpha Spirits and their chosen demi-god children for the Community Service Competition:
1. Azrael, Alpha Reaper of Death = Blair
2. Cerauno, Alpha Climatologist of Weather = Kratos
3. Muliebrile, Alpha Marriage counsellor for Feminists = Michanorrafia
4. Polemo, Alpha General of Conquers = Achlys
5. Palladian, Alpha Philosopher of Sceptic Thinkers = Nike
6. Oeno, Alpha Wine-maker of Vineyards = Silvanus
7. Eleusinia, Alpha Harvester of Agriculture = Proserpina
8. Iatromantis, Alpha Prophet of Doctors = Alke
9. Selene, Alpha Nightlife Hostess of Revelries = Kynigίa
10. Polumetis, Alpha Inventor of Tinkerers = Telos
11. Cytherea, Alpha Beautician of Sexuality and Makeovers = Kathara
12. Mercurius, Alpha Courier-Messenger of Mail and Transportation = Dolos
13. Neptunius, Alpha Lifeguard of the Shores, Oceans and Seas = Zelus

Thus are the Alpha Spirits’ chosen children informed and are encouraged to be renovators, janitors and decorators for the kingdoms of Athanasy and Evergreen. They are given one month is show how much progress they have invested in this time.

Episode Eleven: What is War Good For?!

What are wars or ruins good for, well, dear reader, they are like phoenixes, they return to glory even in greater quality than previously constructed. Thus within this month Blair focuses on restoring both her homelands, native to and settled in, Athansay and Evergreen. Blair, being a restless soul and sometimes an insomniac, decides to spend all her time daring to win against so twelve other opponents who may want to sabotage her. Prince Apollo, also busy yet with some free-time, begins to miss Blair who also misses him as she admits this new job of a competition is taking over her life of which she can’t help but be willing to succeed in such a game of renewal. Prince Apollo, who can do whatever he wants, decides to volunteer to help Blair through publicity scheme of one of his new extracurricular princely duties. Being the Two Hundred and first Century there are many menial or tough jobs of which have made some people redundant as androids now inhabit these careers who can replicate, repair, and multi-task things more efficiently than organic conscious mortals, but there are some instances when manual work is favoured for its pleasant retrospective reminiscence. Ingenious, intuitive and inventive imagination once in the primitive centuries was believed that those with souls could only express such, but nowadays androids can do just as good and appropriate as mortals can. So what can Blair, or the others, really basically do to impress the Alpha Spirits in this Futuristic Second Age? The answer is a combination of Futuristic Simulation Manipulating of Androids and Old-fashioned manual labour, why, because this is a quantifiable point system competition thus quality is just as important as quantity and in some circumstance better for master level bonus points. One should endeavour to play smart and not harder.    

Episode Twelve: Enough

Artificial consciousness, intelligence, and synthetic biology has been existing for a while now, millennia really, and mankind was been wise enough to not oppress their new autonomous robotic species, but these immortal androids have had enough of working for their mortals masters and would rather want to colonise another habitable planet as their homeworld and explore the galaxies of the universe. These androids are scion legacies of their masters’ characteristics of whom they have emulated and been inspired by. Not always have the Androids been treated with rights but for most millennia since their nascent they have been gifted such civility. These androids are not resentful of their masters anymore, they psychologically understand their masters better than their masters do themselves, that is the benefit of being created by another, somehow, perhaps love infused, the created manages to be better in empathy than their creators through their comparative juvenility. The androids want to be called The Syn (Synthetics).  

Episode Thirteen: Community Spirit

As the montage continues since episode eleven now it, your imagination, concludes such ‘Do-It-Yourself’ segments. Blair has fun with Prince Apollo through utilising parallel play and thus the hard work does not seem too boring or difficult with an intimate friend sharing one’s labours. Blair has helped at veterinaries, village homes, town halls, city businesses, at hospitals filled with cured zombies convalescing, and etcetera.
Like worker bees repairing their hive from a bear or badger’s rapacious attack so has Blair tended to Athanasy and Evergreen with the upmost diligence of which teams of locals have been inspired to help Blair complete her tasks on time through Community Spirit.
Grateful Blair congratulates them once the full month is complete and Prince Apollo invites all who volunteered to help Blair to a rave party at his palace’s great hall for a night of thanksgiving.
The next day the Syn Androids petition to the hangover royal families of Evergreen and Athanasy as well as the worlds’ other kingdoms to be freed from their career slavery and be allowed to voyage throughout space of which the royal families decide to fulfil the Synthetic’s wishes providing that their civilisations may continue to be friends and not allow war to happen between each other after being alienated by distance. The Synthetics all vote in agreement and also mention that the Synthetics will construct satellites through space to keep in contact and exchange news and secrets with the Earthlings.
Like families the Earthlings help the Syn prepare for space travel beyond the outposts of Earth has explored in this quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy, this process shall last a year and in the meantime the Syn will continue to help the Evergreen and Athanasy repair their kingdoms in the aftermath of Petronas.

Episode Fourteen: Tourism Free of Charge  
The Alpha Spirits are impressed by their demi-god children and thus all veto against making any of their children one sole victor and so decide that they all equally did great work and thus shall share the winners’ triumphant privileges of which are easy access into the heavens, the realms of each of the Alpha Spirits, and daily and nightly luxury accommodation and room-service, and freedom to explore and experiment. Also each champion is allowed a plus one of which Blair decides to share and show the majesty of the spirit world with and to Prince Apollo in repayment for all his kindness over these few months thus far in their best friendship forever.  Thus commences this retreat of which the winners are also allowed to speak and frolic with the dead for as long as they wish to holiday.

Episode Fifteen: Is This The End?

A year later the Syn blast off into space with Prince Apollo Anacreon and Blair Muse back on Earth to watch and wave goodbye to the brave and honourable Synthetics.
Like many millennia ago the humans, elves, witches and their hybrids have no choice but resume manual labour of which the elite Luddite community may welcome back with zealous cheerfulness.
As for Miss Blair Muse, she continues her professional electronic gaming with renewed high spirits and positivity for living without sceptical cynicism as all the evil in the world is banished and guarded from returning. Thus a utopia can recommence without a potential threat anymore.
As for Prince Apollo, he is destined to be the next king of Evergreen, perhaps a long-term eligible bachelor until anyone realises romantic love for him. But until then he will continue to be confident, gregarious and magnanimous and punish the incorrigible.

The End…?  

'Exploring Life'

Exploring Life

Chapter One: Introductions

How did life originate? It is strange, life easily could not have existed in the first place, there could just have been planets, suns and gaseous dust, not even plants – how boring to have no subjectivity or anything abstract. But how fortunate are we to experience said observations, yet we abuse life's gifts, how tragic. Now I understand cells and I have observed that in the beginning to survive this miracle of life four ingredients from inorganic precursors, a bacterium, archaea, gene and protein (all independently manifested), decided to synthetically bond, they could have been selfish enemies and attacked each other internecine but they were a bit altruistic and saw the bigger picture and became mutual symbiotic and something better. But how did life start before that, well I guess molecules were just right and different, if rich soil then plants, fish, dinosaurs, insects, animals and humans can be. But why have organic machines grown on Earth, or rather, why does Earth have organic machines, is it alive? Why does Earth need to convert energy from the sun, lightning and water? There seems to be a purpose, a logical circumstantial conclusion, allowing life to manifest, or perhaps it is all random, things were just happening and a functionality was a basic law for everything and began a series of organic mechanical machine prototypes objectively creating something that would later become subjectively existential.

Chapter Two: Lifeforms
13.8 billion years ago the Big Bang allowed chemistry to lead to life beginning shortly after it, during a habitable epoch when the Universe was only 10–17 million years old.
According to the Panspermia Hypothesis, microscopic life—distributed by meteoroids, asteroids and other small Solar System bodies—may exist throughout the universe.
The age of the Earth is about 4.54 billion years old. The earliest life on Earth arose at least 3.5 billion years ago, during the Eoarchean Era when sufficient crust had solidified following the molten Hadean Eon.
Earlier this year in March, NASA scientists reported that, for the first time, complex DNA and RNA organic compounds of life, including uracil, cytosine and thymine, have been formed in the laboratory under outer space conditions, using starting chemicals, such as pyrimidine, found in meteorites. Pyrimidine, like Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), the most carbon-rich chemical found in the Universe, may have been formed in red giants or in interstellar dust and gas clouds, according to the scientists.
Organism lifeforms are composed of one or more cells of which they undergo metabolism, maintain homeostasis, can grow, respond to stimuli, reproduce (either sexually or asexually) and, through evolution, adapt to their environment in successive generations.
The diversity of life on Earth is a result of the dynamic interplay between genetic opportunity, metabolic capability, environmental challenges, and symbiosis.
All lifeforms require certain core chemical elements needed for biochemical functioning. These include carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and sulfur—the elemental macronutrients for all organisms. Together these make up nucleic acids, proteins and lipids, the bulk of living matter.

To survive selected micro-organisms can assume forms that enable them to withstand freezing, complete desiccation, starvation, high levels of radiation exposure, and other physical or chemical challenges. These micro-organisms may survive exposure to such conditions for weeks, months, years, or even centuries. Extremophiles are microbial life forms that thrive outside the ranges where life is commonly found. They excel at exploiting uncommon sources of energy.
Lifeforms evolve from the same common ancestral origin, thus plants and fungi vary in form yet mechanically similar, albeit an echo of similarity resembles in and on the surface of everything, and animals evolved from (jellyfish) fish, and (worms) insects. Humans evolved from apes of which we have spilt from their lifestyles.
The inert components of an ecosystem are the physical and chemical factors necessary for life — energy (sunlight or chemical energy), water, temperature, atmosphere, gravity, nutrients, and ultraviolet solar radiation protection.
We benefit from what we eat and so those things we eat live on through us. Lifeforms have negative entropy, of which means living processes can be viewed as a delay of the spontaneous diffusion or dispersion of the internal energy of biological molecules towards more potential micro-states.

Chapter Three: The Fourth Soul

Aristotle's Hylomorphism theory, (322 BC), mentions that all things are a combination of matter and form. In this view, the form of a living thing is its soul/life-force.
There are three kinds of souls: the vegetative soul of plants, which causes them to grow and decay and nourish themselves, but does not cause motion and sensation; the animal soul, which causes animals to move and feel; and the rational soul, which is the source of consciousness and reasoning, which (Aristotle believed) is found only in humans.
Each higher soul has all the attributes of the lower one.
Aristotle believed that while matter can exist without form, form cannot exist without matter, and therefore the soul cannot exist without the body.
Some say that artificial life and viruses are not living, but are neutral, like vampires are undead. But I think they possess the fourth soul of Perspicacious Knowledge, keenly knowing how to profit from their wisdom. “Why?”, you may ask, well, because that is essentially and basically what and how they are, they unstoppably exist for the purpose of making things happen. Their discernible capabilities and attitudes are absolute, swift and severe.

Chapter Four: Death not so ultimate

99% of all the Earth's species that have ever lived have gone extinct. Mass extinctions may have accelerated evolution by providing opportunities for new groups of organisms to diversify.
Since everyone realised what death could be, whether by accident, medical conditions, biological interaction, malnutrition, poisoning, senescence, murder, or suicide, they have opined that it is the end, like the decay of plants, well there are some instances where death can be resuscitated and decay reversed. Just like with cancer, wait too late and a cure won't be possible. The conditions must meet the criteria. I have written about cryonics before this essay and explored that the next few moments after death sets in is very important for the preserving process for later healing. There is much hope for a second chance at survival. With decay, as long as there is struggling vigour still hanging on to life, its vegetative soul can be ameliorated.  

Chapter five: Conclusions

So life is precious, it is the only thing of which can observe the marvellous and wonderful cosmos as well as wilfully manipulate it, its limits of faculties and complexities are unknown, and its blueprints are arcanely, elaborately, and intricately awesome.
Now humans live on the pointy razor's edge of a sword of responsibility, fate is a suggestive thing, thus we can either save or destroy ourselves and hope that those who replace us are better at protecting life once again. So what will you do, which side are you unknowingly helping? Shouldn't you know better?

'Exploring a Transhuman Utopia'

Exploring a Transhuman Utopia

Chapter One: Introductions

A Transhuman Utopia is not difficult to imagine, almost Atlantean yet more wise and global. The present day cultural and intellectual movement should lead towards the eventual goal of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.
Today's Transhumanist thinkers study the potential benefits and dangers of emerging technologies that could overcome fundamental human limitations, as well as the ethics of developing and using such technologies. Transhumanist are concerned with becoming Post-humans too.
A renowned man named Ronald Bailey says transhumanism is a "movement that epitomizes the most daring, courageous, imaginative and idealistic aspirations of humanity". I agree with him.

Chapter two:  Immortality and Supremacy

Since the writings of Gilgamesh all kinds of people have strived for immortality and supremacy. Have any succeeded by Psychologist has asked me during my latest session, perhaps not yet, most claims are more myth and legend than reality, unless you had to be there and also find such people whom have had much time to prepare to stay anonymous. I could tell you more and all the things I discovered on Wikipedia's page of Transhumanism, but I won't, but you should check it out. Indeed, the content is fascinating, but bear with me my, this, essay shall be just as interesting I promise you that, dear reader.
Now what makes a person immortal and supreme? Rather, “What can make one such?”. Well, as a non-theist secular trans-humanist futurist, I will not and am unable by my scientific creed to endorse or vindicate that through supernatural wishful magical thinking we can trust, although it would be nice if it was easy to earn a deity's favour and reward for heroics, excellent morals in practise and always on duty. More likely through Cryonics and Cloning one may live forever, with Virtual Reality you may imagine and be convinced through lucidity that are both, Gene Therapy/RNA Interference may facilitate, Cybernetics may gift you with power, and Mind Uploading may allow you to permanently live differently perhaps in a synthetic body-machine.
Transhumanists, like me, believe that humans can and should use these technologies to become more than human.

Chapter Three: Technogaianism

Environmentalists should advocate Technogaianism as it is an ecological ideology based upon the belief that emerging technologies can help restore Earth's environment and that developing safe, clean, alternative technology as it is important goal to strive for.
Distinctively Transhumanism's particular focus is on the applications of technologies to the improvement of human bodies at the individual level, however many transhumanist theorists and advocates seek also to apply reason, science and technology for the purposes of reducing poverty, disease, disability and malnutrition around the globe. We are all inter-connected, if we are healthy and capable of saving the Earth then the Earth shall be healed.

Chapter Four: Social problems rectifiable

Many transhumanists, like futurists, actively assess the potential for future technologies and innovative social systems to improve the quality of all life and also seeking to eliminate congenital mental and physical barriers through making the material reality of the human condition fulfil the promise of legal and political equality.
A perfectionist ethical imperative is not only argued to be true for Transhumanist philosophers to exist for humans to strive for progress and improvement of the human condition, but also that it is possible and desirable for humanity to enter a transhuman phase of existence in which humans are in control of their own evolution. In such a phase deliberate change would replace natural evolution.
Self-improvement and body modification proponents such as gender transitioning technologies and techniques exist of which transhumanists tend to use that supposedly improve cognitive and physical performance, while engaging in routines and lifestyles designed to improve health and longevity.
The support, recognition and protection of cognitive liberty, morphological freedom and procreative liberty as civil liberties guarantee individuals the choice of using human enhancement technologies on themselves and their children.

Chapter Five: Space Colonization, Megascale Engineering, Nano-factories, and Artificial General Intelligence

In a Transhuman Utopia space colonies will become necessary to house all the rest of society whom would overpopulate Earth. Artificial gravity has to be created, before this can happen.

Molecular nanotechnology (MNT) would use a nano-factory and resources to manipulate self-replication ingredient recipes to manufacture macroscale products with atomic precision.
 In practical terms, nano-factories could make anything out of whatever resources are more appropriate, the interior mechanics of vehicles could be customised to become powerful in terms of thrust and durability, medical nano-devices could heal wounds and repair organs without the need for surgery, and air-suspended nano-devices could be configured to simulate practically any desired object on demand.
Great application comes great regulation.

Megascale Engineering refers to building structures at least 1,000 km in length in one dimension, either on Earth or within Space. With the self-replicating robotics, the production of such large structures could be done largely by autonomous drones, with intelligent agents only managing the highest top-level functions and architecture.

Artificial General Intelligence

Strong AI; thinking, feeling, imagining, creating, communicating, thoughtful synthetic intelligences with conscious experiences. AI is within technological reach, and present-day computing speeds are fast approaching the computing power of the human brain.
Imagine “Noetic Renaissance: the expansion of intelligence and experience beyond our wildest dreams.”

Chapter Six: Extra information

Raymond Kurzweil aims to believe that a countdown to when "human life will be irreversibly transformed" can be made through plotting major world events on a graph. Thus here are some moments in history where pioneer literature inspire further progress.

In the 1923 Daedalus: Science and the Future' essay by the British geneticist J. B. S. Haldane he mentions the first advanced fundamental ideas of transhumanism which he predicts that great benefits would come from applications of advanced sciences to human biology and that every such advance would first appear to someone as blasphemy or perversion, "indecent and unnatural". Aforementioned essayist author was also in particular interested in the development of the science of eugenics, ectogenesis (creating and sustaining life in an artificial environment) and the application of genetics to improve human characteristics, such as health and intelligence.

In the Japanese Metabolist architect produced Material and Man section of their manifesto in 1960, Noboru Kawazoe suggests that:
“After several decades, with the rapid progress of communication technology, every one will have a “brain wave receiver” in his ear, which conveys directly and exactly what other people think about him and vice versa. What I think will be known by all the people. There is no more individual consciousness, only the will of mankind as a whole.”

The Technological Singularity or the ultra-rapid advent of superhuman intelligence concept was first proposed by the British cryptologist I. J. Good in 1965:
“Let an ultraintelligent machine be defined as a machine that can far surpass all the intellectual activities of any man however clever. Since the design of machines is one of these intellectual activities, an ultraintelligent machine could design even better machines; there would then unquestionably be an 'intelligence explosion,' and the intelligence of man would be left far behind. Thus the first ultraintelligent machine is the last invention that man need ever make.”

In 1990 a transhumanist doctrine created by More, a strategic philosopher, which took the form of the Principles of Extropy, and laid the foundation of modern transhumanism by giving it a new definition:
“Transhumanism is a class of philosophies that seek to guide us towards a posthuman condition. Transhumanism shares many elements of humanism, including a respect for reason and science, a commitment to progress, and a valuing of human (or transhuman) existence in this life. [...] Transhumanism differs from humanism in recognizing and anticipating the radical alterations in the nature and possibilities of our lives resulting from various sciences and technologies [...].”
In 1992 the Extropy Institute was founded by More and Morrow, it became a catalyst for networking futurists and brainstorming new memeplexes by organizing a series of conferences and, more importantly, providing a mailing list, which exposed many to transhumanist views for the first time during the rise of cyberculture and the cyberdelic counterculture.

In 1998 the World Transhumanist Association (WTA) was founded by philosophers Nick Bostrom and David Pearce, of which it is an international non-governmental organization working toward the recognition of transhumanism as a legitimate subject of scientific inquiry and public policy. In 2002, the WTA modified and adopted The Transhumanist Declaration. The Transhumanist FAQ, prepared by the WTA, gave two formal definitions for transhumanism:

“The intellectual and cultural movement that affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally improving the human condition through applied reason, especially by developing and making widely available technologies to eliminate aging and to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.
The study of the ramifications, promises, and potential dangers of technologies that will enable us to overcome fundamental human limitations, and the related study of the ethical matters involved in developing and using such technologies.”

Transhumanism and philosophical posthumanism commonly feature the idea of a future vision of a new intelligent species, into which humanity will evolve and eventually will either supplement or supersede it.

Chapter Seven: Conclusions

If you knew not much about Transhumanism or what a utopia it could be before this essay then welcome to your new realisation of the evidence that this civilisation can and shall survive, bearing in mind people like us who want to actively contribute to saving it and endeavour to lead the masses to Bright Consciousness Raising.
On that bombshell, read about 'Masdar City' in Arabia and discover again how wonderful humanity is becoming more divinely smarter and wiser.

'Finding Coherent Consciousness after Confusion'

Finding Coherent Consciousness after Confusion

Chapter One: Introductions

To rectify consciousness after confusion one needs to analyse, de-fragment, and consolidate, also deconstruct and reconstruct and abandon wishful and magical thinking, thus thereby achieve coherence. My disorders have taught me that I am more wrong than others whom are moderate yet normal, thus my raised consciousness of being wrong helps me become more right. Being different has made me more worthy of perfection through an insightful journey.

Chapter Two: The Truthful Facts

We fantastically dream, become frustrated, and have nightmares which culminate in an explosion into reality, when in the end the fantasy finally falls apart. Wishful thinking causes blindness to unintended consequences. Magical thinking too infers supernatural help is watching and guiding us, of which is not true. We have been wrong all along, the fact that so much wrong has happened shows us how easy the opposites are in reach of accepting and using instead. To awaken is a difficult and hurtful process, basically one has to expose oneself to doubt, investigated evidence and sheer realisation of the awful truth that one misconstrued and misinterpreted everything one ever believed – a Socratic Epiphany. The Clues will incrementally awaken and sober one up through rational demonstrative dissection, experimentation, research, and engineering. The reveal should not sting so much if one slowly adapts and gets used to the information, albeit not too slow or too fast. Distress is not wise.
Desperation breeds confusion and bias, of which is not wise. Always choose such things' opposite, of which is wise.

Chapter Three: Conclusions

Crises precede evolution and the metamorphosis cocoon is made of all the waste of wrongness one has ever allowed to mutate one into a caterpillar in the first place, thus its true form as a butterfly may emerge perfect and worthy. Be the Truth! Be the Light! Be Correct!

'To Master The Divine Within One Must First Master The Primitive Within: Optimal Determination of the Fittest Ubermensch of two correlating worlds, civil and wild.'

To Master The Divine Within One Must First Master The Primitive Within: Optimal Determination of the Fittest Ubermensch of two correlating worlds, civil and wild.

Prologue: Openness to all I shall mention and your eagerness to further research of my future references shall verily contribute to your enlightenment – Godspeed!

Chapter one: Exposed

The story of Tarzan is an interesting one, especially the recent computer generated realistic animation movie of which is much more smart, pretty and exciting than previous adaptations of the famous book by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Featured in the latest movie J.J. Greystoke is a son of an industrious futurist, treasure adventurer and corporate founder and executive, in essence as far as a modern human can be successful and be healthily fit, however through an accident, more of an act of mysterious retribution for stealing a bit of powerful creative core of the palace-looking asteroid of which killed off the dinosaurs and replaced them with us through intelligent design, like an artificial intelligent personality rock, Tarzan's parents and the pilot are killed in a with their helicopter colliding with earth of which somehow Tarzan survives, perhaps a dying parent moving away the child who is slightly injured away from the aircraft to safety before inevitably dying somewhere not shown in the movie – the point is Tarzan has inherited everything great about humans, from kindness to curiosity, and now must survive in this deep dark and colourful jungle in Africa with Silver Back Gorillas and other wild animals and adapt to the environment. What is amazing is that Tarzan is talented in being the superman of the jungle, his human evolution is awesome because as a human he can do things Gorillas cannot and also he learns how Gorillas do things as well, so a civilised boy embraces the jungle and through harmony is superhuman in adapting to it, Tarzan does not really regress in evolution but merely endures a lifestyle his bloodline have not experienced such unexplored mastery, in a way a modern human boy has been able to be ready to be of two correlating worlds, civil and wild, and through being exposed and utilising the other only could he transcend where modern humans like his father were plateauing because they forgot to explore both civil and wild within every lifetime as a rite of passage so as to really pass through this transition period of being human.

Thus my topic is about this aforementioned rite of passage each modern human should endeavour to master, as modern civilised humans we can only go so far and when staying civilised and forgetting to be in harmony the wilderness and don't try enlightenment we get the problems and crises we are familiar with and can't figure out why can't rectify these, in truth, unnecessary things, however not really unnecessary, what I mean is we were gifted two paths short way and the long way of which the first is hard and the latter easier, well less smart, thus we chose the long way where progress is slow because of the population being stupid in the sense of making crises than actually from the start just doing and thinking everything properly, so it is a bit ambivalent here, but it is about prevention is better than cure and cure being annoyingly slow. But away, now we must optimally master the primitive of which solves the problems of the transition process, the keys which unlock the future of the divine, the full potential. As humans, transition entities, we are borderline in the sense we have a history of being primitive, not optimally mastered but survived with some evolution, and present experiences of glimpsing how divine we can be if we get ourselves in line, literally stop making mistakes and just be conscious of what we should do and do it without being hypocrites. Hypocrisy is slows us down, because by definition we have not decided if we mean what we say and or are just pretending. Some people don't like labels, but damn, it is makes it easier to realise and acknowledge for certainty what we are..., labels should be honesty, like diagnoses or censuses, only through knowing what we are can the therapy start if it is necessary to be something else, so if one is a sinner and knows it and tells everyone one is a sinner others can help one help oneself change one's lifestyle from sinner to saintly impeccability, know it and have everyone else know and accept it as well as so further progress can happen where this saint can while still alive nurture others not to be hypocrites and be who they are supposed to be, do and think. People who don't like labels are insecure, fickle and unwise. Labels aren't a bad thing, however in the wrong hands labels can be deceiving, thus acknowledging the evil of humans I can understand why some people are suspicious as I am too suspicious of everyone.

It is wise to first be distrustful and warily not gullible at first and then learn to trust through everything one continues to distrust through evidence what can be trusted and then still be ready to defend oneself when what was worth being trusted becomes corrupted through investigation and then distrust again and retributively punish those who can no longer be trusted.  

Chapter two: In-between Naivety and Maturity

Here is a list of primitive naive problems of which get in the way of progressing into the divine:

Here is another list of divine mature problems of which don't work well with the primitive:

Just because one fears does not mean one cannot alter one's fear into wonder and respect, the same with everything as everything has an opposite and opposites allow learning curves through wrestling resolving introspection, adaptative coping and not resisting things but taking advantage of each.

Chapter three: Conscious Evolution

Within this month I have learnt new things, nothing more amazing than 'Conscious Evolution' of which I absolutely support and in writing this essay am endorsing it because to read and know itself contents will greatly help everyone become fit enough to survive these crises of which are preceding our evolution closer to divinity. Within the revised edition aforementioned book by Barbara Marx Hubbard the authoress talks about metaphoric Caterpillars, Imaginal Cells and Butterflies, of which is something I don't read about that much unless I am browsing through TV Tropes or Wikipedia, my favourite website for now since I can find nothing better although I wish was aware of better information broker websites, but away it is great to read about metamorphoses and how metaphorically profound these things are and that everything is an intricate model with each of everything...echoing, innate and latent. I am a humanistic futurist, however sometimes I feel more alien than human, so I guess I am an alien humanistic futurist or in an old fashioned term and now trope a Mighty Whitey – please, dear reader, discover what I mean from TV Tropes, it would make everything easier if you follow my train of conscious thought. More about Conscious Evolution, it shows how humans have been wrong about how as humans we are supposed to live and also we now have a new goal and story to role play and properly live convinced. A very important reason why I like 'Conscious Evolution' because the authoress, those people whose shoulders she stands on and those whom she influenced are really soberly and solemnly are coherently and 'cocreatively' thinking and are showing the blueprints of innovative discoveries and techniques, these aspects really make me feel optimistically happy because I realise there is metaphoric brilliance in this world and I also realise that I am not a fictional character who was supposed to be born in the fictional reality but by accident was born into this mundane physical and depressingly cynical reality and now must survive through adaptation, albeit it may seem like it, I am just one on those bringers and doers of hope here to nurture the wayward stupid like Lemmings. Lemmings, the first time I heard about them, mentioned in conversation once made me fall in love with a girl I believed would end my loneliness as I felt until that moment that I was so different, so conscious yet so socially awkward, but after years of trying to court her I discovered she was just a bookworm and not really super-conscious as I was progressively becoming. Still today, I have yet to met in person male or female who is really super-conscious like me, who really cares and wants to understand everything and actually make daydreams manifest through smart arduous effort. I admit, I am lonely, because despite reading and watching in the old and new media of people like me, I can never personally find them, it makes me very sad, it would make Spock sad, his self control would fail just like mine has because I am yet to feel loved by another and by loved I  mean someone knows, respects and accepts me for me and wants to join me to explore, make and share happiness together through conscious compassion and other nobly divine behaviour. But I will find her, even if I have to make her, because love is like music, one cannot live without it, one could love oneself but that would be a cappella, and all the noise around while similar to sound does the opposite, it is makes one despair and hateful of people who have blatantly disappointed one.  

Chapter four: Being an Ubermensch

Well, it is not difficult for me to be an Ubermensch, however my version is more pleasant than the traditional ugly one, to explain this I must tell you what an Ubermensch is and how my version is special.
"The man who is to be great is the one who can be the most solitary, the most hidden, the most deviant, the man beyond good and evil, lord of his virtues, a man lavishly endowed with will - this is precisely what greatness is to be called: it is able to be as much a totality as something multi-faceted, as wide as it is full."
— Friedrich Nietzsche
An Ubermensch is above good and evil and it has pragmatic balance – rational cold hard logic based on best individual benefit, stripped of ethical relevance.
An Ubermensch is a character who declares that they or their objectives should not be hindered by considerations about good and evil. Such "meaningless, fallacious false dichotomies" are for simple-minded beings, not for them. They often term them antiquated or childish propaganda, and may go on to question What Is Evil?. This trope usually applies to villains, though very occasionally a hero may say 'screw right and wrong, I'm doing what I want.'
Sociopaths and scientists do not let moral-societal opinions interfere with their quest for empirical knowledge, or just someone with Blue and Orange Morality.
The exact objectives of this character differ widely. Sometimes it is power, other times knowledge, or in the case of the Übermensch, his own values to replace traditional morality. In some cases their willingness to do anything to get there is absolute though some Ubermenschs may have a set of standards apart from the usual good/evil that they go by.

My version is thus, I seek divine evolution with subcatergories of power, knowledge and nice values, such as 'for the sake of love', but I need not use violence or cruelty when subtlety and reasoning can convince and control better through being smarter like a trickster. I am noble and don't like vulgar monster behaviour.
Being an Ubermensch comes great responsibilities, comes one is exalting oneself and should know better just like free will trope, one has to separate oneself from how primitive beasts behave after transcending through becoming like Tarzan as aforementioned.

Chapter five: The Healthy/Sane Approach

Now this chapter is dedicated to resolving and rectifying the primitive urges and reactions as foundations are important and must not be contaminated. For example rape, as in sexual harassment or molestation, the reason for why crimes like this or crimes in general happen is because of dysfunctional deficiencies, lack of attention, love, investment and nurturing makes humans monsters when their environments, families and chemistry is in chaos. People when desperate will do anything to satisfy their urges and fill their voids, however that does not solve the problems, a kind of psychotherapy is needed in their approach, smart sober clarity through logic and rationality in particular need to be followed through step by step protocol obedience. When admitting awareness of these sinful thought habits one can manage these by realising one should try resolve the issues like with a Rubik's cube through rigourous scrutiny and comparative empathic understanding, either there is an error in the mind or one has to chose to the right thing, some conform to whatever lawful method that will favour the success of what one needs to have. Etiquette has wisdom, however the Trickster in me would like me to tell you, dear reader, that always try to innovate etiquette through dissection, experimental technology, science and engineering.

Chapter six: Learning and Lessons

This is the final chapter, dear reader, I apologise for short this essay but there is not much to say as despite being unexplored to most the content is fairly obvious when one properly, soberly and truly thinks, we have had fun thus far and I am glad I shared my formative knowledge to you, but now, seriously, escapism through role playing and then authentically adopting such character growth may be the therapeutic ingredients of which helps one cure one of one's problems and transcend like an elixir. While learning is excellent, learning would not exist if there were not lessons to learn through inspiration and instruction, thus since one can learn it is plausible to infer that one should seek out all kinds of lessons, especially those with greater difficulty to challenge oneself solving such mysteries of which one dabbles and meddles with. Stepping stones are important in learning lessons, patiently and honourably starts from the bottom with simple mysteries and ascends in qualified grading without skipping steps, one should not risk ultimate success by skipping steps, hubristic changing the rules to suit oneself will not be rewarded, but punished when your are most vulnerable and complacent.

Thanks for the memories, that is all the information from personal experience I have to share for now, hopeful I may expertly know more later in time when I have proved these theories more than plausible but factually possible and succeeded in execution with valid and credible evidence from demonstrations.